Project Manager (& Coach-Trainer) for Sustainable Development

Project Manager (& Coach-Trainer) for Sustainable Development

Project Manager (& Coach-Trainer) for Sustainable Development

Project Manager (& Coach-Trainer) for Sustainable Development


PROJECT MANAGER Sustainable Development

(& Coach-Trainer)


Please choose at least one focus point.

  • 1: SDG’s (Any of the sustainable development goals)
  • 2: Circular Economy, Bio Economy
  • 3: Quantum Economy
  • 4: e-Coach-Trainer (EduTech) Apps
  • 5: Agriculture / Agro-Forestry / Permaculture / Biodiversity
  • 6: Climate Change
  • 7: R&D, Innovation and consultancy
  • 8: Leadership capacity development
  • 9: Community building, resilience
  • 10: Co-living spaces
  • 11: A.I. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • 12: e-Games, VR, AR, Gamified Solutions
  • 13: IoT Applications
  • 14: Work-Life Balance, Happines at work, Life-Span
  • 15: Gender equality, diversity, inclusion, co-creativity (non polarity)
  • 16: Family, parenting, children education
  • 17: Multigenerational sustainability projects (Bringing together Gen B, X, M & Z)
  • 18: Non profit projects, volunteer programs
  • 19: Responsible travel and tourism
  • 20: Communication for sustainable development
  • 21: Performing arts (story-telling) for sustainable development
  • 22: Impact investment/Funding/crowd-funding
  • 23: Doughnut economy, holistic, regenerative, quantum economy
  • 24: Inclusion
  • 25: Thinking & Behaviour change


You need to live in the Netherlands in order to apply for this opportunity

HQ: Our Head Quarters is in the Netherlands

Our Outdoors Training location is Rhenen city

The current business activity focus in the Netherlands

Additional locations will be later included


As a Matrix-Q Project Management Assistant, or Project Manager, you will empower the next generation leaders, with human competencies, skills, knowledge, technology, tools, methods, data analysis that will bring them to the next level of performance: positive impact, work-life balance, and happiness


You are welcome to choose:

> As a side income opportunity from 12 hours/month

> Or as a part-time entrepreneurial project from 48 hours/month

Flexible time schedule

You may increase your time commitment in further stages to 100% engagement


We are an online company school for impact entrepreneurs (Multi-business Franchise, with 27 business lines)

Our mission is to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future.

We believe that your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover.

That individual capacity to create a positive impact in nature, societies, and economies is as important as family, community, and collective capacity to do the same.

We build up capacity for leaders, talents, innovators, entrepreneurs, and impact investors.


You will join a franchisee training program.

We utilize a gamified holistic education methodology (learn-play, work-play), matching 97% of United Nations Holistic Education standards, with focus in sustainability, 17 sustainable development goals, impact entrepreneurship and investment.

You will learn how to utilize and provide services with the Matrix-Q Products, through the development of your own sustainability project.

It’s an opportunity for aspiring/already sustainable development entrepreneurs

You will acquire with us a holistic set of skills, tools, knowledge, technology, data analysis, methodology, necessary for each and all the stages of a business/project cycle.




Vary depending on the assessment of your capacity

Please schedule an audio call in WhatsApp 0031626673380, for more details, Q&A


9+ Stages, from coach-trainer and project manager, to C-level, including a leadership development program, and the opportunity (optional) to join the Matrix-Q Consulting team, or to launch your own start-up utilizing Matrix-Q Products (Matrix-Q Franchise)



Our team members receive a tailor-made training program, based their experience, skills, challenges, interests.


Tasks vary according to the focus point (tailor-made training program) and stage you have achieved in our program (rank, licenses, certificates):

Project Management, Strategic & Risk Management

Team building, acquisition

Provide coaching and training sessions online and outdoors

Produce content for e-learning programs, communication & marketing

Facilitate social education through story-telling

Use our technology, data-driven matchmaking tools for data analysis, assisted by A.I.

Customer acquisition, marketing, sales: B2C & B2B

Organization of events

Research & Consultancy

Multidisciplinary innovation/design of new products

Smart applications ideation, design/coding

Facilitate Matrix-Q Think Tank, Presentations and OpenSpace sessions

Next generation leaders capacity building (Train-the-trainer programs)

Provide training to our future franchisees


Entrepreneurial mindset

English (business language)

You are living in the Netherlands, have working permit, and a visa to stay at least 2 years

Or you are dutch and are living in the Netherlands

Ideal if you also speak the dutch language

You may work from home, online, at your location, and at our Headquarters (Utrecht region) and training location (Rhenen), and outdoors, or also abroad traveling (once is safe again to travel, covid-19 measurements)

You will receive complete training in Matrix-Q Standards: including coaching, education and strategic management methodology, Matrix-Q Methodology, knowledge, skills, products, tools, smart applications, A.I. Artificial intelligence, Algorithms.

You will develop all skills necessary for a solo-entrepreneur


1. write us a message WhatsApp 0031.626673380 to schedule a 20 min audio interview.

2. Add your e-mail, LinkedIn profile, motivation, focus points, experience

3. After the interview, 3 more steps (meetings) to complete recruiting process.




Employment Type: Part-time via solo-preneurship activity

Free entrepreneurship – compensation system

Franchise model, Training, License & Certificates, Membership are compulsory