Matrix-Q Travel Club

Matrix-Q Travel Club

Matrix-Q Travel Club

Matrix-Q Travel Club


” Solving the human variable of the sustainable development equation, one location at the time ” – LDMF

  • Travel, culture, leisure and impact
  • The next generation of responsible travelers bridge the impact-skills gap
  • Travel is still, and will be, the way to connect and learn about the world.

MISION “How do we travel?”

  • Our mission is to innovate in new forms of impactful-travel, aiming to create a positive and regenerative impact in nature, societies and economies.


  • The travel footprint has proved to be both, positive and negative.
  • Our mission is to compensate at locations, create collaboration bridges and contribute with the locations and people we visit and create meaningful and impactful relationships
  • Travel is today not only a question about where, or why, but how and which impact we create in the world together


What do our members do?

  • Enjoy from leisure activities in natural landscapes, cultural resorts and international events
  • Connect with local people, build meaningful, sustainable and impactful relationships
  • Collaborate online, and abroad traveling, in impact projects
  • Explore nature inspired ancient cultures and civilization, learn about their technology, knowledge, culture, leaders, lifestyle
  • Build up bridges between the past, present and future, promoting knowledge and solutions, from ancient cultures that would solve challenges that we experience today and in our future
  • Attend and organize travelers gatherings and events, at locations visited
  • Provide online-travel-operator services to impact-travelers and explorers reaching out to new locations
  • Nurture relationships, culture and lifestyle of our online travel community
  • Think-Tank dedicated to impact-innovation and entrepreneurship, to contribute with the locations we visit
  • Participate and contribute with meaningful content in our e-Forum
  • Keep updated public report of a safe-for-travelers status of travel-destinations, projects and locations
  • Produce a season report of climate outcomes and other disruptions, predict impact in local and travel community
  • Produce together the “Travelers-on-air” radio/channel/podcast/magazine program
  • Support social-innovation, impact entrepreneurship, impact-leaders, planting trees, community and collaboration at our travel destinations
  • Online travel events, gatherings, celebrations of our global citizens community.


  • With data-driven reports and a network of experienced explorers and travelers, advisors and coach-trainers, we build up capacity, transfer knowledge and new skills, the impact-leaders, travelers and entrepreneurs in our future needs


” Lifestyle-travel is a mindset, an attitude to life. Certainly you acquire it by traveling, but you also sustain it by becoming a global citizen and caring for nature, people and culture, where ever you live in the world.” – LDMF

  • Travel lifestyle,  is a path in which our fascination and love for the world, nature, people and cultures, guide us
  • With innovative travel modalities, missions and projects we intent to rebuild and nurture a bond between human, including cultures, races, genders, lifestyles and locations
  • Our club was originally founded in 1999, by our lead and CEO, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. (Lifestyle traveler 1996-2021)  and Meggin Lindgren.
  • The lifestyle travelers club has been always merged with the Multidisciplinary archaeology expeditions run by our founder, for his research-studies on “knowledge and technology of nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations”. His own journeys were key travel destinations where he will meet other club members or recruit new members for the club.
  • In 2000 the club took a legal form of a non profit organization: The Traveling Culture International Association, a NGO, dedicated to impact projects, community building, responsible travel, events, travel gatherings, communication for development (Travelers on air radio) and volunteers programs 1999-2003, education, and technology transfer connecting travel destinations in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, South-Pacific coast of America Continent, relocated to Switzerland in 2003
  • The club was reactivated in its online and solo format, by our founder, keeping the lifestye-traveler spirit, with the “Travelers-on-air” radio and video channel in 2006, including Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France and Austria as gathering-locations. The activities will focus in attending travelers-gatherings and facilitating presentations and story telling about travels and expeditions.
  • In 2013 LUIS will reactivate the club, at the city of Louvain-la-Neuve, UCL headquarters, in Belgium, 265 lifestyle travelers will join him on a pilot project of 1 year dedicated to enhance the sustainability of the travel, the members were travelers on the road for more than 5 continues years (some unto 18 years living abroad).
  • Gatherings for peace, peace work workshops will be held between 2013 and 2015
  • Our founder recruited the 265 travelers and aimed to build coordinated travel projects and adventures, impact projects and peace work, including recruiting-visits to Belgium, Russia, Finland and the Netherlands.
  • In 2014 Luis will write on his journey while traveling in Russia, and create the foundation for his travel company: Odin Theta Tours, dedicated to travel, leisure and adventure, and multidisciplinary archaeology expeditions.
  • The club will be gamified, by utilizing myths, archetypes and traditions of ancient cultures and civilizations in Finland 2015.
  • The project will be discontinued temporarily in 2015. To finally take a new legal ground in 2016 as a project on peace, global citizenship, developed by the The stichting Luis grounded as part of his legacy project, in the Netherlands, today the Matrix-Q Ecosystem.
  • In 2021 the travelers club will take a new form, facing the challenge the pandemic caused by covid-19 created in the travel community, aiming for new forms of travel, adventure and connection, to a world in commotion and change.

Travelers on Air – RADIO

The radio production project started in year 2000 in Southamerica, in 2001, sponsored by our Travelers Club. Since then it has been recreated and reshaped several times, but always dedicated to become a bridge between the travelers community and locations we visit. In 2005 the “Travelers on air” radio program that started in 2001, was reactivated in Europe through an online mp3 e-mail based streaming; in 2009 the video blog will follow up with the project. The streaming will continue later through facebook and private channels.


  • Within 5-50 years, our planet will experience globally disruptions that will impact negatively locations’ economies, people, and nature.
  • After covid-19 pandemic travel destinations will be immersed in an economy recovery process
  • Climate negative outcomes, economy recovery, resource depletion, waste, extinction of million of species, human inequalities, labor disruptions created by Tech. 4.0, circular transition, and the challenges and projects developed by social and impact entrepreneurs aiming to achieve the 17 SDG’s suggested by the United Nations in 2015
  • Locations, people, cultures, governments, economies, cities, are challenged today
  • We, travelers, may be welcome to visit, but what for? where and how?


  • Interview, we want to get to know you. Along the interview we will introduce you to the membership classes, duties, impact-project assignments, travel destinations and missions.
  • Membership (choose the ideal membership class, fees apply)
  • Impact Project Assignment, travel destinations, mission and duty (tailor made to your interest, skills, and learning, travel and impact personal plan)
  • You will assigned to a travel-coach-trainer and mentor
  • Contact: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken for an interview :
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