Matrix-Q Task Force Z73

Matrix-Q Task Force Z73

Matrix-Q Task Force Z73

Matrix-Q Task Force Z73


Matrix-Q Specialists, High Rank

The Matrix-Q Elite Task Force Z73 is in charge of solving the most complex systemic challenges with very simple Matrix-Q Solutions

The Matrix-Q Elite Task Force Z73 will be assigned by the Matrix-Q Ecosystem companies to complete tasks for which very special Matrix-Q Skills are needed.

WHO ARE MEMBERS OF THE Matrix-Q Elite Task Force Z73?

In order to be a member of the Matrix-Q Elite Task Force Z73 an holistic and systemic impact training needs to be completed. Candidates will test in the field their capacity to think, feel, act, create, innovate, lead, invest, solve complex challenges and create a positive and regenerative impact with the Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills acquired.

The Matrix-Q Hero Journey, a series of challenges given to the candidates of the The Matrix-Q Elite Task Force Z73, holds 9 levels of challenges that needs to be conquered/solved in order to be recognised as a member of the  Matrix-Q Elite Task Force Z73


The training program provided by the Matrix-Q Akademia offers to the candidates a complete and advanced level of training, with unique challenges, knowledge, tools, data, skills, technology, not provided in any other Matrix-Q Training Program

After formal application (see application form, and first interview), the selected intentional-candidates will be invited to attend trainings, mentorship sessions, or challenges. For which Matrix-Q Impact-Points will be given according to the outcome, as well as Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates, Licenses, Ring, Label & Rank

Application Form Schedule time with us for Q&A / or for a first interview (15 min)