Matrix-Q Scholarship

Matrix-Q Scholarship

Matrix-Q Scholarship

Matrix-Q Scholarship



The Matrix-Q Scholarship gives you access to the Matrix-Q Franchise & Matrix-Q Guild (Association of Matrix-Q Experts). Scholarship holders will join the Matrix-Q Akademia, & Matrix-Q Guild, to engage into learning by doing projects, complete training for certificates, and qualify for a Matrix-Q Licenses, reaching eligibility status for a Matrix-Q Franchise Agreement.

Among other services:

  • We provide a holistic service dedicated to enhance and optimize your¬†learning, creativity, execution and impact capacity
  • Matching services: according to your unique DNA, learning capacity and adaptation-history data, we match ideal activities, trainers, knowledge (learning content), preventive practices, and even learning partners and creativity play mates (Matrix-Q Matching Tool)
  • Scholarship matching: According to our assessment results, we match your individual capacity, interest, skills and knowledge with a tailor-made scholarship program
  • Holistic Coaching-Training specialized in the following impact fields


3 Steps to the Matrix-Q Scholarship

  • Scholarship Eligibility Program: 81+ days challenges, data generation, to qualify for a scholarship
  • Scholarship Matching Program: Assessment and matching, design of a tailor-made scholarship program, including a number of Matrix-Q Certificates
  • Tailor-Made Scholarship Program: from White Belt to Black Belt, Certificates (Products & Services), Licenses, and Projects


  • Workshops and full days trainings:
    • Enablers of a holistic learning capacity (self-education, skills, knowledge, prevention, health, work-life balance)
    • Learning, creativity, execution and impact capacity data, facts and challenges road map (prediction, assessment of risk)
    • Cultural traits
    • MindSet and Learning Skills
    • Self-awareness
    • MindSet and Skills
    • Transforming challenges into opportunities
    • (Personal) Leadership development
    • Approaching learning, creativity, execution and impact challenges from different perspectives (Holistic Thinking Tool)
    • Make your learning process about innovation and impact actionable. From idea to execution, achievement of skills, experience and satisfactory performance.
    • Holistic strategic management tools. (How is as important as what, and why)
    • Gender non polarity, cocreativity (inclusion, diversity, balance, equality, equity)
    • Matrix-Q Skills (workshops)
  • Collaboration network, acting together with a collective-intelligent response to to learning, creativity, execution and impact
  • Prevention (compliance)
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