Matrix-Q Peer Research

Matrix-Q Peer Research

Matrix-Q Peer Research

Matrix-Q Peer Research


Research Peer members are Matrix-Q Guild Members that have achieved at least Green Belt rank.

A Green Belt means enough experience in fields innovation, execution, impact and entrepreneurship, next to the field and theoretical research studies.

Matrix-Q Peer Researchers have acquired and mastered the Matrix-Q Body of Knowledge (Multidisciplinary & Holistic Matrix) to the level of praxis, application and impact, for which it has been created.

Belongs to the Matrix-Q Body of Work, the multidisciplinary and holistic fields of knowledge its creator, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken has integrated to the work, as well as the respective R&D Innovations, Applications, Tools, Methods, Skills, Data, Technology, Strategic Management & Impact Entrepreneurship Tools, created by the author, based on the same.


The Matrix-Q Body of work has undergo 12 stages of development, since 1987, with respective unique brands for each stage, and respective standards.

Application of the knowledge in the field of work, through impact and innovation driven entrepreneurship, consultancy, coaching-training programs, and multidisciplinary archaeology expeditions.

Research studies on knowledge, and technology, of nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations, combined with knowledge of 18 disciplines, have given birth to the Matrix-Q Body of Work

Until 2016 the Matrix-Q Research studies were developed as private research, funded by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, and its outcome used for his entrepreneurial activities.

In 2016 Luis grounded the Matrix-Q Research Institute with the purpose to include in the research, innovation and impact entrepreneurship projects more multidisciplinary researchers, innovation and impact driven entrepreneurs. By doing so, to enable the outcome of the research and body of work to be transferred to future generations, members of the Matrix-Q Guild, and the Matrix-Q Ecosystem

Between 2016 and 2019, an open international call for researchers was made, and open to partnerships with international research institutions. To discover along the experience that the holistic and multidisciplinary nature of the Matrix-Q Body of Work, enabled a complexity that was far from the research capacity of the candidates and institutions interested, which were by definition built on monocular research or dissociated fields of expertise.

As for 2020 the Matrix-Q Guild was grounded as an association of multidisciplinary and holistic professionals, impact and innovation driven entrepreneurs, with the ability to think, feel, act, create, innovation, lead, generate a positive impact, addressing global pressing issues with the knowledge acquired.

The holistic set of skills, and mindset necessary for the use of the Matrix-Q Body of Work, has been also transferred as conditions for the peer research, aiming for research studies with researchers that have the capacity of achieving the outcome in the field of work, as for innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship and impact investment. The Matrix-Q Research Institute takes distance from only theoretical researchers, aiming to accelerate the bridge between cognitive knowledge, acquisition of skills, tools and applied knowledge with an entrepreneurial outcome.

In 2021 the Matrix-Q Research Peers circle continues with the recruiting of (intentional) multidisciplinary and holistic researchers, by enrolling them in the Matrix-Q Akademia as members of the Matrix-Q Guild, providing to them the path of application and experience necessary for them to qualify as Matrix-Q Peers


  • Review of the Matrix-Q Research Updates
  • Review of the Matrix-Q Innovations (Matrix-Q Body of Work derivatives)
  • Publication of the Matrix-Q Research Magazine
  • Continuous development of the Matrix-Q Standards
  • Matrix-Q Standards Consultancy (Matrix-Q Label Program)
  • Matrix-Q e-Library Publications
  • Matrix-Q Research Institute continuous multidisciplinary and holistic studies (Research groups) leadership


By Joining the Matrix-Q Guild