Matrix-Q Impact Coding School

Matrix-Q Impact Coding School

Matrix-Q Impact Coding School

Matrix-Q Impact Coding School


Nonary, Regenerative, Minimalist & Circular

Human Inclusive Coding


We enable a better future for the following 9 generations

In the times of Climate Change and SDG’s, we need coders specialized in impact

The Matrix-Q Impact Coding School provides a holistic education to the coders of the technology that will accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future

Impact coders receive multidisciplinary education, to prepare them to solve global pressing issues through coding, R&D Innovation

Our innovative data-driven methodology, for accelerated learning, innovation and nature-inspired algorithms design, allow us to challenge our students with the development of applications since the first module of training


Students of the Matrix-Q Coding School join internship, hackathons and challenges organized by the Matrix-Q Research Institute and Matrix-Q Start-ups

Once a Matrix-Q Impact Coder has reached the black belt rank, becomes eligible to join a Matrix-Q Start-up, the Matrix-Q Akademia (As Coach-trainer) and the Matrix-Q Research Institute (R&D Innovation)

Yearly the Matrix-Q Research Institute launch new spin-offs, applications and solutions for SDG’s, in particular circularity, climate, water, education, gender, inclusion, impact-innovation, youth empowerment, leadership and entrepreneurship

The Matrix-Q Coding School also provide coding services to organizations, cities, companies. By engaging the students with greater capacity of delivery

Our Human Capital Program also allocated Matrix-Q Coders as developers of third party organizations, that need temporary or long term contribution of Matrix-Q Coding Experts.


Matrix-Q Coding students that qualify to join the Matrix-Q Passive Income program are encouraged to develop applications, fit to market and customers, needs, and earn royalties for as long the applications continue in the market

As members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, Matrix-Q Coders have access to several compensation modalities including wages, wages per project, time, units of work, tasks, % commissions, bonus, royalties, convertible bonds, equity, tokens and others


The Matrix-Q Omicron Program enables a new future for Artificial Intelligence, including human emotions, learning, creativity and thinking data.

Matrix-Q Coding School students will be able to participate in cutting edge research and innovation beyond Industry 4.0 (IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data, A.I., B.I., e-Games, EduTech, FinTech,…), to Quantum Computing, Nonary Computing and Matrix-Q Computing