Matrix-Q Family

Matrix-Q Family

Matrix-Q Family

Matrix-Q Family


The Matrix-Q Ecosystem holds an multigenerational entrepreneurship practice.

The aim is to enable transfer of knowledge, skills, tools, knowledge, opportunities and property to the next 9+ generations.

One of our instruments is the Matrix-Q Guild, which offers a frame for transfer of knowledge through Matrix-Q Standards.

The transfer of knowledge is not limited to members of the Matrix-Q Guild, but also to their families, expecting that the next generation of same bloodline house of our members will carry on with the legacy.

The Matrix-Q Family is a special membership, daughters of the Matrix-Q Guild, for family members of the Matrix-Q Guild Member that is active at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem

The Matrix-Q Family membership may start with a love partner, for couples with children.

The Matrix-Q Family membership is limited to the primary family cluster, parents and their children only. For an extended family membership, please see the Matrix-Q Rod members.

We encourage our members to become Matrix-Q Coach-Trainers and in particular master the ability to utilize the Matrix-Q Holistic Education methodology, with focus in adults, as well as in children.

At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem we believe that the Family Business, Clan Business, Community-Cluster Business, is needed again, in a time in which community and human connection, bonding, becomes one of the pillars for human resilience, so valuable to face complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty and rapid change (2025-2050 global pressing/disruptive issues)

For a Matrix-Q Family membership please contact us