Matrix-Q Competition – Self-awareness for Impact-Leaders

Matrix-Q Competition -Self-awareness for Impact-Leaders

Matrix-Q Competition – Self-awareness for Impact-Leaders

Matrix-Q Competition -Self-awareness for Impact-Leaders


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  • The Matrix-Q Competitions take place every season, 4 times/year
  • Registration deadline are solstice & equinox dates
  • The assessment of candidates, competitions rounds and prizes take from 9-12 months/group
  • Prices in value of 30.K EUR

THE MATRIX-Q COMPETITION Self-awareness for Impact-Leaders

To unleash your leadership full-potential

  • Thanks to self-awareness we accelerate the learning, thinking and behavior change, necessary for success and leadership
  • In order to create a positive impact, we need to know ourselves, our own barriers, strengths, purpose, and capacity 
  • How good do you know your self, and your own business? 
  • Can you master your Self-awareness capacity?MindSet DNA? Creativity? Empathy? Emotions? 


  • You will be challenged to explore your full potential, find the edge of your capacity, and achieve the next level of skills and capacity
  • You will be trained, we will guide you in the acquisition of innovative skills, competences, knowledge, use of tools, data and technology that thanks to your self-awareness capacity will help you create 500% more impact
  • You will receive coaching and mentorship. Personal, private, exclusive attention. To collaborate with you in your journey towards the next milestones
  • You will unleash your potential


  • At the end of the competition you will have enhanced learning, adaptive capacity, emotional intelligence, creativity, personal leadership, social empathy, strategic thinking, leadership, communication, collaboration performance
  • Thanks to a powered-up self-awareness, you will make better choices, and achieve more impact