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Matrix-Q Community

Matrix-Q Community

Matrix-Q Community


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The Matrix-Q Community is a gamified & tokenized platform, entry point to the Matrix-Q Ecosystem

We share Matrix-Q Ecosystem resources, opportunities, events, activities, challenges and training (free of charge)

We review together Matrix-Q e-publications, podcasts, videos, documentaries

We engage into collective participation, through our open space events and agora

For their contributions and participation, our members earn tokens and points, they can later use to trade for paid services provided by our ecosystem companies, divisions, startups, and projects



The Matrix-Q Community gives you the opportunity to experience, explore and learn with us together, think, solve challenges, engage in opportunities, volunteer, contribute with projects and activities or events.

Experience our culture, mindset, thinking, lifestyle. Why ?

Because we would like you to join our community of impact leaders, entrepreneurs, talents, innovators, and investors.

Our mission is to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable world.

We invite you to join the Matrix-Q Akademia, RSVP to modules training and earn certificates to acquire Matrix-Q Knowledge, tools, skills, data, technology.

As a Matrix-Q Coach-Trainer, designer, innovator, consultant, coder, you join our pool of advisors. Qualify to join our research and consultancy projects.

Once you have achieved the black belt, you are welcome to join our start-ups, and franchise system. You need to make an informed decision.

If you like to join the Matrix-Q Akademia or the Matrix-Q Guild. As member of the Matrix-Q Guild, you join our community of entrepreneurs, along an intensive training program with weekly sessions of learn-play and work-play.

We have a little time window to respond to climate, industry 4.0/5.0/6.0 disruptions and economy recovery programs (covid-19)/ We need engaged members ready to learn, apply and create a positive impact with Matrix-Q Innovations, Knowledge, Technology and skills.


As member of the Matrix-Q Guild, you join the first line of action and acquire experience in the field, necessary to qualify as a holder of the Matrix-Q License, label or franchise. As we understand that for this choice you need time, we have create a program of 12+ steps.

STEP 0: once you joined the Matrix-Q Community in slack you are aware that we give you 90 days time to receive gifts certificates, tokens and access to opportunities, tasks, courses, events, with special conditions as we want you to explore and make a choice, and informed decision for which experience is needed.

STEP 01: You need to agree with the house rules in order to receive all our attention and support.

STEP 02: Try out to collaborate as volunteer. We frequently do calls for volunteer tasks.

STEP 03: Join our think tank conversations. It will be a next level experience for you to utilize our methodology for holistic thinking and innovation

STEP 04: Once we have experience the impact of your contributions, we will invite you join a project

STEP 05: You can now collaborate with us, as impact agent, helping us create bridges, reaching out to communities, cities, organizations and leaders. You can stay in this level for as long as you want.

STEP 06: Trial season at the Matrix-Q Guild or Matrix-Q Akademia. You will sign some agreements, in which we describe your duties (learn-play program) intensity of your commitment, and rules for rank, licenses, and in the case of compensation, also the diversity of income streams you will be eligible for.

STEP 07: Stage in the Netherlands. You are welcome to experience one season or more, (90+ days) as a volunteer, intern, student or project assistant in the Netherlands.

STEP 08: You have been exploring and contribute with at least 2 projects and roles, now you are ready to focus in one or more of them for a longer run. You may also be ready with an innovative idea, we would like to explore together, and create a new Matrix-Q Product.

STEP 09: Join the Matrix-Q Travel Club. Create impact abroad traveling. You may choose a location or country to be a Matrix-Q Pioneer or location developer. Take the first steps to build the Matrix-Q Ecosystem cluster and teams adjusted to location culture, conditions and challenges. You can do Steps 07, 08, 09 and 10 almost simultaneously.

STEP 10: You have earned the Matrix-Q Belts (White, yellow and blue) and are in the path of completing your training and experience to earn the black belt. You are already assisting in research, innovation, consultancy, training and coaching projects. You are also ready to join a start-up team or incubate your own Matrix-Q Start-up.

STEP 11: You are eligible to earn a passive income, through any of our income streams. Creating a foundation for your future activity as impact-investor

STEP 12: You are eligible to receive convertible bonds and shares as start-up team member, franchise or guild member

STEP 12+: You are contributing with the Matrix-Q Fund as impact-investor

Through this 12+ steps we aim to give you a map for your journey.
For each step there is a slack channel. So you can see who is member of the channel and who has completed such step already.

We will introduce you to all the steps of your journey along an individual or collective tailor-made onboarding session. Please ask for it, at any time. You can schedule us for Q&A

Or just do one step at the time. You can make a choice in any moment.

Today you would like to have a conversation, questions and answers about the Matrix-Q Guild and Matrix-Q Akademia. Please schedule time with us, we will be glad to inform you and advise you. You could join us today, if you feel ready.