Matrix-Q Belt (Holder)

Matrix-Q Belt (Holder)

Matrix-Q Belt (Holder)

Matrix-Q Belt (Holder)



A Matrix-Q Belt is the sign of rank acquired through study, practice of the Matrix-Q Body of Knowledge, and demonstrated capacity of successful application of skills, tools, data, technology, models, algorithms, according to the mission statement, purpose and vision of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, as stated by its founder, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken,  and unique responsible of approving candidates at the rank exams.

Each belt indicates readiness for a level of responsibility, duty, challenges, and capacity to solve complexity


Matrix-Q Belt Holders have a public profile in which their certificates, licenses and experience is communicated to the ecosystem members, network, public and customers. (Transparency rule)

Matrix-Q Belt holders are active members of the Matrix-Q Guild, the association of Matrix-Q Experts


Are coordinated by the Matrix-Q Akademia, once candidates have completed the training modules, units and assignments associated to a Matrix-Q Certificate, and also the field work experience, necessary to demonstrate their capacity of application.


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