JOB: Survival Outdoors & Leadership Skills (Coach-Trainer)

JOB: Survival Outdoors & Leadership Skills (Coach-Trainer)

JOB: Survival Outdoors & Leadership Skills (Coach-Trainer)

JOB: Survival Outdoors & Leadership Skills (Coach-Trainer)


JOB: Survival Outdoors & Leadership Skills (Coach-Trainer)

Outdoors Survival & Leadership Skills (Coach-Trainer)

C-Level + Youth Education

No previous experience needed


>> Lead, facilitate camps, bootcamps, expeditions, trainings, full day activities and trainings outdoors

>> Explore and find (travel) to ideal settings and locations in nature for our training programs

>> Produce content for e-learning programs

>> Facilitate online training and coaching to individuals, groups

>> Facilitate workshops and courses dedicated to enhance skills, capacity, knowledge in our customers (responsive capacity, survival, leadership, personal leadership)

>> Facilitate group coaching and training to our students along outdoors activitioes

>> Facilitate coaching and training outdoors (individual customers) combining coaching and forest bathing

>> Organize at location forest bathing activities

>> Lead forest bathing activities online at our clubhouse

>> Use our technology, data driven matchmaking tools

>> Customer acquisition, marketing, sales. Individuals and B2B

>> Organization of events

>> Consultancy and research


> Online, outdoors, at your location or abroad traveling

> You do not need previous experience (you receive complete training). If you have experience in the field already is a plus, you may complete the training earlier.

> Flexible schedule

> You will receive complete training, including coaching and training methodology, workshops content, skills, knowledge, tools (Matrix-Q Methodology, knowledge, skills). Once you have been granted our license you will join our team of researchers and consultants for organisations and schools

> Multinational and multicultural team

> You will provide services in your own country as well as online to other locations

> Trial season, training, mentoring, coaching, included.

> Training continues, with certificates

> Additional benefits (compensation system) unit of work wages, project wages, % commissions, bonus, affiliates, convertible bonds, shares, tokens


Is in the Netherlands

Our Training location is Rhenen city

We will include additional locations and countries in close future


Please share with us about your experience, write us a message, connect to our WhatsApp business number 0031.626673380 to schedule a brief first interview.

otherwise write us an email to

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