JOB Coach-Trainer For Young Leaders Gen-Z, Millenials

JOB Coach-Trainer For Young Leaders Gen-Z, Millenials

JOB Coach-Trainer For Young Leaders Gen-Z, Millenials

JOB Coach-Trainer For Young Leaders Gen-Z, Millenials



For Young Leaders

Gen-Z, Millenials


As a Matrix-Q Coach-Trainer, you will empower the next generation leaders, with human competences, skills, knowledge, technology, tools, methods, data analysis that will bring them to the next level of performance, work-life balance, happiness


Please choose at least one focus point.

  • 1: Scholarship Mentor-Coach
  • 2: Start-Ups
  • 3: SDGs Sustainable Development
  • 4: Life Coach
  • 5: Vocational/Career Coach
  • 6: Outdoor Coaching
  • 7: Indirect Coaching (Through experiential training, skills capacity building)
  • 8: Leadership capacity development (Preparing youth for c-level duties)
  • 9: Personal Leadership (Personal development)
  • 10: Climate Coach
  • 11: Parenting/Family Coach
  • 12: Sexuality education Coach
  • 13: Work-Life Family Balance


No previous education/experience needed:

Our team members receive training.

According to your training results you qualify for a rank or level of execution, or projects.

You will develop your capacity to solve a level of complexity with the knowledge, skills and tools acquired.

If you have no experience or training yet, and you love the idea to contribute to this field, you would start a complete training program in order to qualify.

If you have no experience or education as coach, you are also welcome to join us.

If you are already working or have acquired knowledge and skills in this field (any of the focus points), you will have the chance to complete the training in our standard and products sooner and qualify faster for a higher rank or level of execution, projects, or tasks

You will receive a tailor-made training program, based on your experience, skills, challenges, interests.

You will be welcome to choose a program or project that matches your current professional and personal development preferences or stage.


We are a coaching school with a focus on sustainability and entrepreneurship

We engage to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future

With the focus on both, social and business, as well as economy and nature

As a coaching school, our focus is to support c-level, innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders, talents, and impact investors to level up their systemic impact capacity

Some of our main business lines include products and services associated to work-life-family balance, lifespan, sexuality education, family, parenting, quality of life, mental health

We utilize an innovative nature-inspired methodology for holistic education and coaching. Matching 97% of the UN Holistic Education Standards

We utilize a data-driven methodology, tools, and technology for holistic coaching training, assisted by A.I. Artificial intelligence

We provide research and consultancy, with focus in education, sustainability, change management, leadership development.

We give value to collective intelligence, emotional intelligence, human potential unleashed, transparent communication, gender diversity (non-polarity), and co-creativity.


We are a multi-business franchise.

You receive a complete training in our (Matrix-Q) standards, methodology, strategic management tools, skills, data, technology, and knowledge, in order to qualify for a license, certificates, tasks, assignments, and projects.

You will join a franchisee training program.

It’s an opportunity for aspiring/already entrepreneurs

12 levels training program

First CERTIFICATE within 27 days, you earn income

From (in-training) to associated consultant, status after reached level 4 of training

Hands on, learning by doing training.

Theory is only 9% of the time you learn. 100% of evaluation of skill is through gamified projects with customers


Is in the Netherlands

Our Training location is Rhenen city

Current focus is the Netherlands

Additional locations and countries will be included in close future, you can become a pioneer for your location


A data driven holistic methodology, which utilized indirect learning and holistic education. Our expertise: online, gamified coaching & outdoors coaching. Our school matches 97% of the United Nations holistic education standards.


> Tasks vary according to the focus point. Any of the following may be included in your training program:

> We tailor-made your tasks and individual learning program according to the preferences and results of your training. You may qualify/choose more than one focus point.

Accordingly You will:

> Facilitate coaching-training outdoors, or online, to individuals and groups

> Facilitate workshops and training

> Provide coaching sessions,

> Produce content for e-learning programs

> Provide capacity building, skills acquisition programs, workshops, courses, combined with coaching

> Provide social education through story-telling

> Use our technology, data-driven matchmaking tools

> Customer acquisition, marketing, sales: B2C & B2B

> Organization of events

> Consultancy research, in topics lifespan, quality of life, mental health, work-life balance, sexuality education, stress, prevention, leadership, emotional intelligence, and other

> Multidisciplinary innovation/design of new products

> Smart applications design

> Use Matrix-Q Artificial intelligence

> Digital products production

> If your background skills apply: also coding of smart application

> Participate and facilitate Matrix-Q Think Tank, communication and open space sessions

> Build up new coach-trainers (Train-the-trainer programs)

> provide training in our standard to future franchisees


> Entrepreneurial mindset

> English is our business language. You need to know and use the language of the location you live in. Our current focus is The Netherlands. If you live in the Netherlands you need to be able to use dutch. We are also producing content in English, Spanish, and German. We will include more languages and locations in the close future.

> Flexible schedule

> You may work from home, online, at your location, and at our Headquarters (Utrecht region) and training location (Rhenen), and outdoors, or also abroad traveling (once is safe again to travel, covid-19 measurements)

> You do not need previous experience.

> If you have experience, you may complete the training earlier.

> You will receive complete training, including coaching and education methodology, holistic education, workshops content design method, skills, knowledge, tools (Matrix-Q Methodology, knowledge, skills, products, standards, tools, smart applications, A.I. Artificial intelligence, Algorithms).

> Once you have been granted the Matrix-Q License you will join our team of researchers and consultants, specialised in the application of Matrix-Q Solutions. Until then you will engage in tasks as an “assistant in training”.

> Multinational and multicultural team

> You will provide services in your own country as well as online to other locations

> Trial season, training, mentoring, coaching, included.

> Training continues always in parallel to working/projects tasks, with certificates

> Additional benefits (compensation system) unit of work wages, project wages, % commissions, bonus, affiliates, convertible bonds, shares, tokens

> Tailor-made training program. We set goals, tasks, milestones, target groups, products training and projects, according to the uniqueness of our team members.


> Please schedule an audio call in WhatsApp 0031626673380, for more details, Q&A

> There are four levels of participation, that vary from producing content online, facilitating coaching & training services online or outdoors, or indoors. To participating in research, and consultancy, or special programs for organisations.

> Compensation modalities vary including royalties, commissions, affiliate, part-time wages, project wages, wages /unit of service)


> You will become a member of a community of impact-driven entrepreneurs, engaging together to realize their purpose and vision.

> You will join an Association of Matrix-Q specialists, coach trainers consultants leaders innovators entrepreneurs and impact investors

> This is not a traditional employment opportunity.

> You need to feel ready to try out a new modality of working and living. Work-play, learn-play, holistic lifestyle, impact entrepreneurship.

>You will work in a Team, with a Mentor together, and on your own.

>You will develop all skills necessary for an entrepreneur

> Free entrepreneurship agreement

>We do not contract freelancers

> We do not call you to care for our customers. We do not get the customers for you.

> You join a team, and build together with our company an audience and customer base. You will be trained and supported for this purpose in marketing, sales and communication tools and skills.

>You need to complete training in our standard, products, tools, knowledge, skills, data, technology (Franchise model)

> The quick-silver certificate may take from 3-9 weeks to be completed. Eligible to be assigned to projects, campaigns, customers, research, and consultancy programs

> More information in the onboarding program


> Please share with us about your experience, write us a message by connecting to our WhatsApp 0031.626673380 to schedule a brief first interview.

otherwise, write us an email at

> We will then share with you instructions and a 4 steps program for you to learn about our ecosystem and tailor-made the training program for you

OUR WEBSITE is our project, a business unit of our franchise


Sexuality Education


Multi-Business Franchise


Employment Type Part-time

Free entrepreneurship – compensation system

Franchise model, Training, License & Certificates are compulsory