JOB: Business Coach, trainer & project management assistant

JOB: Business Coach, trainer & project management assistant



Coach-trainer, and project management assistant tasks.

18 Business Lines (Products series) for which coaching and training team will provide services utilising human competences, data-driven holistic education and coaching, and artificial intelligence.

You will care for content production, customer acquisition, events organization, B2B services, crafting e-learning program, copy, and the most important task, to provide coaching and training to our customers.

You work online, outdoor and at your location. Optional: travel

You deliver services to individuals, groups, communities, organisations and cities.

Facilitate webinars, presentations online, produce content for our smart applications (education, self-coaching)


No previous education or experience is needed. It is a bonus you have education and or experience as coach trainer.

You will receive a complete hands-on education, learning by doing, learning by playing. With a mouse system, and certificates (licenses) in 12 weeks, you choose which products to specialise yourself.

Time commitment is flexible. We aim for long term participation in our ecosystem. Our career plan has 12 steps, from trainer level, to coach/consultant, to innovators, and entrepreneurs, or share holder in any of our start-ups.

You may shift from one product line or project to another one in time.

By joining our coaching school you also become a trainer of trainers.

Along the first training stages, a trial season of at least 81 days

Open to a commitment of at least 1-2 years, you cam confirm this commitment every 3 months.

At least 16 hours per week, ideal 20 hours per week. Some of our team members hold flexible agreements, working with us from 5 hours per week, to 40 hours per week. (Flexible time)


The products series you may choose from are: lifespan, life-coaching, business-coaching, thinking skills, circular design, sexuality education, coding, SDG’s compliance, regenerative business development, change management, climate change, performing arts, peace work, holistic wealth ability, holistic education, languages, culture and communication, time management, communication, yoga, non violent martial arts(self-defence), conscious breathing, meditation, children education, happiness at work, work life balance, research and innovation capacity, self-awareness, responsible travel, storytelling, marketing, emotional intelligence, learning skills, project management, forest bathing, outdoors coaching, holistic strategic management, and others.

For each product series, certificates and licenses will be provided


You will receive a complete training, coaching and mentoring

Tokens, you can later use to trade for products and services

Multicultural and multinational team

Flexible time and schedule

Work from home, and outdoors

Affiliate, royalties, commissions and bonus

Wages per working units, project or contract

Produce own innovative content utilising our methodology

Opportunity to develop your own company within our ecosystem

Certificates and licenses as coach-trainer, designer, consultant, innovator


2 interviews oline + attend an outdoors training + a challenge + trial season + participate in our online events and training sessions. (free of charge)