Executive Personal Assistant

Executive Personal Assistant

Executive Personal Assistant

Executive Personal Assistant


Executive Personal Assistant

Sustainability Intrapreneur

Leadership, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

To accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future



As a Matrix-Q Executive personal assistant, you will provide both high-level administrative support, personal tasks, personal trainer tasks, project and executive tasks representing the CEO.



Along the first seasons of your duty, you will be assigned to a team, to engage in collaborative tasks. And from time to time you will be requested to care individually, by yourself, for specific tasks. You will join a team of executive personal assistants, each of them will be in charge of caring for specific fields of action. Once you have acquired sufficient experience, you will be assigned to a field of action, under the CEO supervision.



You will be trained to deliver the key support requested by the CEO.

According to the results of your training (points), you will be assigned to more complex tasks, duties and responsibilities. (There is a rank system, outcome, impact based)

The training focus is use of Matrix-Q Tools, Skills, Methodology, Knowledge, Data-driven Analytics, Technology, Standards, used in the company.

Certification is included, after training completion, as well as a performance report for your CV.



Manage sensitive matters with a high level of confidentiality and discretion especially decisions directly impacting the global operations of the company.

Sustain a daily calendar of meetings and events.

Prepare Word, Excel, PowerPoint presentations, agendas, reports, special projects and other documents in support of objectives for the organization.

Arrange travel and accommodations for executives.

Monitor online travel activities, coordinate and operate travel services, providers and contacts.

Prepare expense reports.

Screen incoming telephone calls; take and deliver accurate messages; respond to requests by gathering and providing information and referring non-routine calls to the appropriate staff.

Screen incoming new recruits, human capital

Excellent communication and time management skills; proven ability to meet deadlines.

Ability to function well in a high-paced environment; performs additional duties as assigned by executives.

Draft and prepare correspondence for internal announcements, board meetings, and organizations that the executive is involved with

Manage the Executive’s contacts

Assist in preparing and managing presentations and decks.

Be responsive to emails/texts/phone calls, with contact outside normal business hours

Welcome the Executive’s guests by greeting them, in person or on the phone; answering or directing inquiries.

Use discretion, confidentiality, and good judgment to handle C-Level matters.

Represent the company and the Executive in a positive light through great follow-through skills and sound judgment.

Conserve the Executive’s time by reading, researching, collecting and analyzing information as needed, in advance.

Complete adhoc projects as assigned – such as personal events and/or family needs.

Organize complex calendars and schedules; resolving any scheduling issues

Complete CEO personal tasks. Organizing food, accomodation, travel, meetings, venues, as necessary.

Schedule, coordinate and facilitate for the CEO a personal training, sparring, work-life balance program. Including food, fitness, yoga, conscious breathing, self-defense, performing arts, gender skills, outdoors activities, leisure, creativity and brain gym activities.

Manage or assist in the management of accounts (customers) cared directly by the CEO.

Manage or assist in the management of projects developed directly by the CEO.

Manage or assist in multidisciplinary research projects developed directly by the CEO



> Entrepreneurial mindset

> English is our business language.

> Dutch language is compulsory.

> You have a permanent residency in the Netherlands or in the EU

> You have a dutch or EU working/permit

> Flexible schedule

> Work online, outdoors, at the location, and (if eligible) abroad traveling.

> Multinational and multicultural team

> Tailor-made training program. We set goals, tasks, milestones, target groups, products training and projects, according to the uniqueness of our team members.

> Bachelor degree



We are grateful if you have already developed some of the below interests, capacity, skills, or qualifications.

Or if at least you feel excited to learn about and acquire them through learning-by-doing.


Down the road


Impact investment mindset

Holistic mindset for wealth generation

Long life learning mindset

Innovation (creativity) driven


Strategic thinking

Daily cultivates and strengthens a positive mindset


Have the ability to utilize emotions to solve daily challenges

Feels comfortable using digital tools, mathematics, and A.I.

Marketing, branding, and sales skills

Has the ability to connect people together, facilitate communication, collaboration and impulse resilience

Cares for quality of life, sustainability, heritage, and legacy

Family driven

Systems thinking

Design Thinking

Patterns thinking

Circular & regenerative thinking

Understand the value of intellectual property and ethics

Holistic Lifestyle

Work-Life Balance

Sustainability engaged (United nations sustainable development goals)

Learning engaged (United nations holistic education standards)


Gender inclusive mindset ( diversity, fluidity, non polarity, equality, balance, equity)

Communication, collaboration, co-creation skills

Aware of, and able to use, own male and female skills

Comfortable working with gender diverse teams

Feels comfortable with complexity

Can use complexity (complex systems) to solve challenges

Feels comfortable with Brain GYM programs, brain performance enhancement

Personal development-driven

Leadership skills (business leadership, personal leadership, community leadership)


Mission statement aligned to create a positive impact in nature, societies, and economies

Self-knowledge and self-responsibility driven




Remote (online), as well as at location.

Location HQ in Rhenen

Administrative Location, Utrecht

Other locations: major cities in the Netherlands

Outdoors: 60%-80% of activities at the location are outdoors

Abroad/abroad traveling: If eligible, may also join the Travel Club Projects and support the CEO abroad traveling or while living abroad.



Our focus is innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

Our projects are designed to address global pressing issues (see United Nations sustainable development goals and United Nations holistic education standard)

Your entrepreneurial abilities will create for you the opportunity to manage accounts, opportunities, and innovative products.

You will collaborate creating a positive impact in nature, societies, and economies

Creating strategic collaboration bridges with local governments, cities, communities, leaders, NGO’s, start-ups, and corporate

You will empower leaders, youth, innovators, talents, women, and communities.

We are creating a positive impact, jobs, and opportunities in Europe and soon worldwide.




We provide multidisciplinary research and consultancy, with a focus on education, sustainability, change management, and leadership development.

We provide research, design, multidisciplinary innovation services.


We create smart applications, SaaS, and digital tools. We utilize a data-driven methodology, tools, and technology-assisted by A.I. Engine – Artificial intelligence


We support start-ups, and entrepreneurs, with capacity building, business design, incubation, acceleration, and valuation of their companies.

We design circular, regenerative, and holistic solutions


We provide holistic education, with 36 training programs

Licenses, certificates, for Matrix-Q Specialists



> We assess case by case. According to candidate experience, capacity, and outcome of the training received. We will provide you with training and challenges for you to demonstrate your capabilities (trial/foundation season). Accordingly, we will assign you duties and tasks.

> Please schedule an audio call in WhatsApp  for more details, Q&A

> Additional benefits with a holistic compensation system which may include (project-based, rank-based) commissions, affiliates, royalties, monetary compensation per unit of service, part-time, full-time, tokens, equity, convertible bonds.



> Please share with us about your experience, apply via the link below.

> We have scheduled a weekly information event, for your convenience.

> You will be invited to attend 2 private interviews online, 2 brief test-training activities, and a capacity assessment session


Engagement Modality: Type Part-time

The trial season is compulsory

Training, License & Certificates are compulsory

Franchise/licenses business model

Long-life learning Mindset

Intrapreneurship mindset

Free entrepreneurship opportunities included